The Moroccan Coast Guard intercepts a Spanish “Ghost” involved in illegal immigration

The Moroccan Coast Guard is conducting an interception "Ghost" A Spaniard involved in clandestine immigration
Image: file

Monday 21 November 2022 – 13:30

Yesterday Sunday, the Moroccan Coast Guard arrested two Spaniards involved in an attempt to expel several candidates for irregular immigration aboard a speedboat.

According to Hespress sources, the Moroccan authorities intercepted the Spanish ship at sea in front of the “Zahr Maghara” village group, eight kilometers in the direction of Fnideq. It was then that he was in the process of transferring ten candidates for irregular immigration.

According to the same sources, two Spaniards were on board the boat, one of whom came from the city of Ceuta, and they were in the process of clandestinely transporting immigrants to the southern coast of Spain.

It is expected that the competent security authorities have begun to investigate the detainees in this case, after the vessel and the Spanish accomplices, as well as the detained immigrants, were guarded in the port of Tanger Med.