United Arab Emirates and Morocco open wide horizons for cooperation in higher education

Al-Asri Saeed Al-Dhaheri, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Rabat, said: “The field of higher education was the focus of interest, cooperation and constructive partnership between the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Morocco,” explaining, in an article, that “the two parties are willing to develop academic relations, support cooperation and consider future projects, in a way that serves the Emirati and Moroccan educational system towards harmony with the orientations and visions of both countries.

This is the text of the article:

The field of higher education, scientific research and innovation occupies great importance in the construction of qualified human capacities to achieve a positive impact on the paths of social, economic and environmental development of nations. Undoubtedly, the next stage will be for the most knowledgeable and knowledgeable in technological developments and artificial intelligence. For this reason, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founder of the United Arab Emirates, paid special attention to the development of the higher education system and scientific research, believing in its fundamental role in building a better future for generations. to come, so that he dedicated his efforts – may God have mercy on him – to establish a developed and harmonious higher education system that contributes to highlighting the Emirati national identity, and raises the levels of development of the country, which made him enjoy a prominent position in the scientific field in the world, as he said -may God have mercy on him- “Educating people and educating them in itself is a great wealth that we appreciate Science is wealth, and on scientific bases we build the future” .

The United Arab Emirates has sought to consolidate its vision in the field of higher education, scientific research, technology and innovation, to become the true engine of sustainable social and economic development. The government’s efforts are focused on promoting innovation based on science and technology leadership to achieve national aspirations in order to meet global challenges and strive to achieve the vision of the UAE Centenary 2071, given that investment in education, advanced science and technology establishes moral values. values, and makes minds open to the experiences of developed countries in accordance with Good Practices to achieve global and rapid leaps in the long-awaited transformation process.

And based on the fifty principles established by the United Arab Emirates, which are ten principles for the next fifty years, which constitute a benchmark for all State institutions to strengthen the pillars of the union, build a sustainable economy and take advantage of all resources for a more prosperous society. The Ministry of Education has paid special attention to the development of the sectors and organizational structures of the Ministry in accordance with the requirements of innovation and technology in the field of education. The late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, God willing, remained interested in the continuous development of the educational system, as he stated in one of his directives: “The educational process, to the extent that it has reached various levels of scientific qualification, Today we see a continuous and growing challenge that requires hard work in the development of curricula”. Develop plans to achieve the required level of keeping pace with accelerating technical development and absorbing advances in modern technology.

The UAE higher education system wishes to foster and facilitate access to scientific research and innovation to serve the objectives of society in various fields. It has been able to establish a distinguished and diversified educational system for higher education, scientific research and innovation. The universities of the United Arab Emirates are considered one of the leading academic centers for university education in the country, having risen to prestigious positions in the international academic ranking of universities issued by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, as well as the QS system. for international universities. He was also interested in strengthening educational relations at the international level in order to improve the position of the State in the field of higher education and scientific research, through the consolidation of communication channels and joint cooperation to achieve competitive vision indicators. for the fields of higher education, scientific research and innovation.

The richness of the higher education and scientific research system of the brother Kingdom of Morocco has made it a focus of special attention, given the singular accumulation that it has achieved in the continuous development of the reform of this system to adapt it to the needs towards the transition to a knowledge economy, innovation of solutions and its openness to its national and international socioeconomic environment. From this point of view, the field of higher education was the focus of interest, cooperation and constructive partnership between the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Morocco, as the two parties were interested in developing academic relations, supporting cooperation and considering Future projects. in a way that serves the Emirati and Moroccan educational systems towards harmony with the directions and visions of both countries.

Our two countries wish to advance cooperative relations in the field of scientific research, exchange experiences and build bridges of fruitful association between them, especially the exchange of professors, researchers and students between the universities of the two parties. To enhance this cooperation, the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates and the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Kingdom of Morocco signed a series of memorandums of understanding, related to the promotion and consolidation of cooperation in fields related to the qualification of university education, scientific research and innovation, and the promotion of higher education institutions to establish exchange relations and support for student mobility and promote joint research and cooperation projects between both countries.

From this perspective, the interest arose to restructure the cultural links abroad, and change its name to the extensions of education and science of technology to participate in the achievement of the strategic objectives of the ministry that are in line with the directions and aspirations of the state for the next fifty years, and also to achieve the goals of the UAE 2071 Centenary in the field of education to achieve education in The country is the first in the world; So the annex carries out many tasks that are of interest to every student who wishes to study in the Kingdom of Morocco. At the forefront of these tasks and responsibilities are all matters related to the enrollment of Emirati students in the educational stages (Masters – PhD).

Taking into account that technology, scientific research and innovation are the main drivers of development in modern societies, the focus was on the role of affiliates, mainly to achieve scientific and academic alliances with universities and educational institutions in the fields. of education and technology, sciences, sharing best practices in this regard, and providing study opportunities for Emirati students at the world’s leading leading universities.

Moroccan and Emirati universities are the focus of science students and educational achievements as the number of Emirati students graduating from Moroccan public universities within the annual study quota specified between the two countries has reached more than 300 graduates with higher degrees from 2009 to the 2021-2022 academic year. On the other hand, more than 4,500 Moroccan students are studying at universities in the United Arab Emirates, including international, private and continuing education. In order to achieve further development in strengthening the ties of scientific exchange between the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Morocco, the headquarters of the Office of the Education and Technology Attaché was opened in Rabat to guarantee the implementation of the agenda. from the UAE Ministry of Education. in the fields of education, and as a strong coordination link between the two countries in this vital field to serve the mission of Emirati students.

In a step that reflects the depth of cooperative relations between the two countries in the field of higher education and scientific research, a branch of Mohammed V University – Abu Dhabi was opened, which aims to contribute to improving opportunities of higher education, which gave him Scientific Radiation within the United Arab Emirates and broad horizons towards various fields of research. To keep pace with rapid social and technical developments, meet the future needs of the labor market, and improve its quality and competitiveness in accordance with quality standards in education systems. and programs.

The scientific and cultural exchange agreements between the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Morocco in the fields of science, education and innovation also promoted the use of the valuable experiences of Moroccan university cadres to teach at the universities of the United Arab Emirates, which paved the way for the country’s students to obtain higher education opportunities at good standards. Today, we note the level of coordination and alliances that are developed day after day in the preparation of research projects that cover a wide range of topics between research centers, studies and laboratories of both sister countries. This is due to its pivotal role in supporting convergence and joint cooperation and contributing to the advancement of scientific research and future forecasting in the Arab world, with its scientific innovations and creations bringing a ray of hope to light. of the current crises that overwhelm our countries. and limit their path to development and prosperity.

Today we have the right to be proud of the continuous and continuous effort between the two brother countries, and of the enlightened awareness of the common destiny in the construction of generations armed with science and knowledge. This is achieved by deepening the existing cooperation in the field of student exchange and by strengthening the partnership in the field of benefiting from Moroccan educational frameworks. We cannot fail to mention the great effort made by the higher education institutions of the Kingdom of Morocco in welcoming Emirati students. On the other hand, the UAE universities will always remain ready and open to enhance mutual coordination in terms of awarding scholarships and fellowships in light of the specializations required by the two countries.