Commemorating the March and the National Holidays in the heart of the Atlas

Commemorating the March and the National Holidays in the heart of the Atlas
Photo: Hespress

Friday 18 November 2022 – 02:14

The Faculty of Economics and Administration of Beni Mellal organized a cultural and recreational caravan for the benefit of the students of the Escuelas Anarquía group – Azilal district – under the motto “Life skills at the service of citizen education”.

More than thirty students from the different branches of the aforementioned faculty participated in pedagogical framing and activation workshops, which varied between theater, cinema, composition, recreational and sports games, and reading and storytelling workshops. In addition to the activities, activities and cultural contests, more than 100 students from the primary and primary education sectors benefited.

Speaking to Hespress, the dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administration, Khaled al-Hubari, stressed that the convoy “is part of the opening of the Faculty of Economics and Administration to its environment to develop civic skills, consolidate values. of citizenship and belonging among students, and promote a culture of solidarity among them”.

The same dean added that the convoy “aims to educate students in the values ​​of citizenship, bring joy and happiness to their hearts, and encourage them to seek knowledge and knowledge modeled after students.” As well as the teaching and administrative staff who work in the institution.

Al-Hibari also indicated that the initiative “comes to commemorate the 47th anniversary of the Green March and the 67th anniversary of the Glorious Independence Day, and to activate the cultural and academic program of the school for the 2022/2023 academic season, which is organized in collaboration with the ‘Montaña Moreik’ association, in coordination with the ‘Anarchy’ school, and with the involvement of local authorities and civil society in the region.

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