Al-Daki attends the House of Representatives meeting in Jeddah

Moulay El-Hassan El-Daki, King’s Attorney General at the Court of Cassation and Chief Prosecutor, led a Moroccan judicial delegation to participate in the second annual meeting of the Assembly of Arab Commons, which was hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . Arabia on November 16 and 17 in Jeddah.

Yesterday, Thursday, in Jeddah, the second annual meeting of the Assembly of Arab Representatives decided that the Kingdom of Morocco would host the third annual meeting of the association in 2023, after the date on which the issue of “fraud issues” was examined. and cybersecurity, and its connection to transnational organized crimeā€¯.

This meeting was an occasion to highlight the efforts made by the Kingdom of Morocco in the field of the fight against transnational crimes, either at the legislative level or at the level of the role of the Public Prosecutor in particular, and of the judiciary in general, in combating these crimes related to financial fraud and cybersecurity.

On the sidelines of this second annual meeting, the Chief Attorney General held talks with his counterpart, Saud bin Abdullah Al-Mojeb, the Attorney General of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to enhance judicial cooperation between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. .

The Arab public representatives discussed important topics, such as the international legal framework to combat cross-border financial fraud crimes, the best practices that have been monitored to deal with its development and the methods to commit it, the modern methods used to commit transnational organized crimes, the role of international organizations in the fight against them, as well as the role of investigations in the fight against transnational organized crime, especially financial fraud.

The meeting also addressed the role of cybersecurity in reducing financial fraud crimes and modern investigation mechanisms for such crimes, as well as presenting the experiences of some participating countries in the field of combating financial fraud crimes and the role of cybersecurity in reducing them.

It should be noted that the second annual meeting of the Assembly of Arab Representatives was attended by representatives of Arab countries, and the international participation of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the International Organization for Migration, the Union Agency Union “Eurojust”, and the International Association of Public Prosecutors.