France suspends the deportation of a Moroccan infected with AIDS after a human rights message to Macron

France suspends the deportation of a Moroccan infected with AIDS after a human rights message to Macron
Photo: AFP

Saturday 12 November 2022 – 05:00

A difficult situation for patients in an irregular situation in France, transferred by the Franco-Moroccan Association for Human Rights, which sent a letter to President Emmanuel Macron protesting the expulsion decisions that do not take into account the human specificities of each case.

The last station of this file is a letter sent by the aforementioned association to the French president after the decision of the “French authorities” to expel a Moroccan citizen who has AIDS in an advanced stage; This is what the commission called “a flagrant violation of human rights, and a flagrant contradiction with the international treaties and conventions signed by France in this regard, which guarantee the right to treatment above all else.”

Youssef Al-Idrissi Al-Hassani, president of the Franco-Moroccan Association for Human Rights, stated that the commission, after writing to the French president, had received the news of the “suspension of the deportation decision”, pending the return of the person to the hospital to continue their treatment.

The president of the Franco-Moroccan Association for Human Rights in Paris told Hespress that “this is not the first incident of this kind; There were even incidents in which the Ministers of Health and the Interior wrote to us, during Macron’s first term, but the problem intensified with the wave of racism in Europe, and the problem of the extreme right, which has come to dominate the scene political. ”

The spokesman added: “The situation has intensified, especially after the murder of the child Lula by a woman against whom the expulsion decision was issued, but was not answered. Here, the French government has been caught between a rock and a hard place, and the street blames it for freezing the expulsion decision.”

The jurist went on to explain: “Here the rope was mixed, and the international agreements signed by the French State were not activated, especially taking into account the duty to treat each person if there were reasons for it, regardless of their nationality and legal status. , and immigration and asylum law emphasizes this issue.”

Al-Idrisi Al-Hassani added: “The French president warned us on a previous occasion that the law says that the person in question can be given a medical card, whatever his condition, if he is sick, and there is an aspect urgent. If it is not intensive care, his life may be wasted; But the government is deporting all the people against whom the deportation decision is proven. There is an example of a child who was suddenly deported, and he was sick, he had a medical appointment for a complex operation and he was deported at the age of six in the morning, and we are waiting for the green light from his mother to publish the details.”

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