Israel intends to help Morocco develop the infrastructure for “cyber security”

Cyber ​​security is among the sectors reflecting the strategic partnerships between Tel Aviv and Rabat, as Israel works to provide the Kingdom with modern technologies to deter any expected attacks.

In 2021, Moroccan authorities identified 577 cybersecurity threats, according to the General Directorate of Security of Information Systems of the National Defense Administration.

According to research carried out by Comparitech, a website specialized in cybersecurity, Morocco ranks 11th among the least secure countries in this sector out of 75 countries, and is therefore considered one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to cybersecurity attacks. .

The Jerusalem Post indicated that Israel, as a pioneer in the field of cybersecurity, can provide Rabat with important support in developing its cybersecurity infrastructure.

In the last two years, Rabat has taken several steps to improve its experience and infrastructure in this field.

In 2021, the Moroccan government approved a bill to create a legal framework to improve the country’s information systems, as well as to establish cybersecurity standards in public institutions. Earlier this year, the Cybersecurity Center of Excellence for Africa was launched as part of a joint project between the UK and Morocco.

Data from Israel’s National Electronic Directorate shows that last year Israel’s internet industry raised $8.8 billion in more than 100 different deals, a threefold increase compared to 2020.

Furthermore, around 40% of global private investment was invested in cybersecurity funding rounds in Israel, while electronic exports totaled $11 billion.

In 2021, Morocco participated in a simulation of a cybersecurity attack, organized by the Israel National Directorate at the Israel pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

In July, the two countries signed a cybersecurity cooperation agreement aimed at promoting “operational cooperation, research and development, and the exchange of information and knowledge,” according to the same address.

The agreement is one of many agreements signed by the two countries, whose relations have grown significantly since the Abraham Accords of 2020.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the trade volume between Israel and Morocco reached $47 million in July 2022, which represents an increase of 213% from July 2021.