An activity celebrating Moroccans from Germany in the “March”

An activity that celebrates the Moroccans of Germany in "the March"
Photo: Hespress

Tuesday 8 November 2022 – 02:16

The Moroccan Generations Association of Berlin organized a cultural activity on the occasion of the 47th anniversary of the announcement of the Green March, a date on which a series of Moroccan events and personalities were honored in Berlin.

In this context, Fátima Lachhab made a presentation on the occasion in which she shed light on the theme of the Moroccan Sahara and the Green March and the context of her organization, she also referred to the autonomy proposal and its importance in the region.

The same speaker also underlined the need to organize such enlightening activities that allow the second generation, the third generation and the fourth generation of Moroccans of the world in Germany to understand our national cause.

The Association of Moroccan Generations in Berlin also honored many Moroccan men and women from around the world in Berlin; People like Malika Haddad, Head of the Consular Service of the Kingdom of Morocco in Berlin, Donia El Qurashi, President of the German-Moroccan Cultural Association in Hamburg, along with Professor Khaled Sahouli, Head of the Department of Obstetrics at the Charity Hospital (the oldest hospital largest in Europe) and specialist in the field of gynecological cancer, Yassine Houmam, collective activist and teacher in the field of religious education for the benefit of the children of Moroccans around the world, as well as Mohamed Safi, founder and president of the first Moroccan diaspora in Berlin in 1978.

This initiative, according to the organizer, is part of the establishment of a culture of recognition of the services provided by Moroccans and Moroccans in Germany for the benefit of Moroccans, Morocco and German society. This step is also an opportunity for communication between the children of Moroccans around the world from the first to the fourth generation.

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