Projects that revive the green march in Al Haouz

Rachid Benchikhi, Governor of Al Haouz province, oversaw, on the occasion of the 47th anniversary of the Green March, the inauguration of a series of development projects in the province with an estimated financial endowment of: 36 million dirhams.

On this occasion, Benchikhi inaugurated the multidisciplinary proximity center for the care of children and the elderly with trisomy 21 in the city of Tahanaout.

On this anniversary, the managing association of this center, which will benefit nearly 140 beneficiaries, received two buses that were purchased with an economic endowment from the National Initiative for Human Development estimated at: 0.65 million dirhams. During the ceremony itself, the head of Al Haouz province and his accompanying delegation handed over 10 buses for school transportation, which were purchased by the National Initiative for Human Development with an estimated amount of: 3.96 million dirhams.

These vehicles will benefit the rural community of Agocak, Asni, Agbar, Agil, Thalass Nikoob, Tzart, Ait Hakim, Moulay Ibrahim, Tzkin and Ankal.

In the context of strengthening the infrastructure of the province of Al Haouz, I presented the governor of the province and the delegation that accompanied him with explanations on a series of projects implemented by the Regional Directorate of Equipment and Water in Al Haouz.

Among these projects is the adaptation project for the intersection of the roads that join kilometer points 000+21 and 22,000+ of the 2010 regional road that joins Ourika and Ait Ourir with a total cost of: 1.48 million dirhams .

The Infrastructure Strengthening Program includes a project to rebuild a technical facility at kilometer point 600 + 12 on the regional road 2015, at a total cost of: 2.10 million dirhams. And the reconstruction project of a technical facility at km 900+20 of the regional road in 2009 for a total cost of: 1.24 million dirhams.

On the occasion of the same anniversary, the province of Al Haouz will be enhanced by a project to build a technical facility at kilometer point 400 + 37 of the regional road 2013 for a total cost of: 1.75 million dirhams, and a project to complete the renovation works of the surface layer with bituminous asphalt on the regional road between kilometer point 000+0 and kilometer point 500+13 in 13.5 km for a total cost of: 11.61 million dirhams.