Munib refuses to ‘finish’ desert tribes’ land, claiming to encourage investment

General Secretary of the United Socialist Party, Nabila Mounib, called for the liquidation of the territorial file of the three desert valleys and the lifting of restrictions on the land of residents there under the pretext of investment.

Mounib told a press conference yesterday, Friday, at the party’s headquarters in Casablanca: “The investment we want, but must be made with regard to the tribes that suffered from unfair memorization during the Corona period and beyond.”

The general secretary of the “Partida de las Velas”, in the presence of several representatives of the coordination of the three valleys belonging to the desert regions, explained that the investment project needs real estate, “but it must be legalized, while working to fight against the real estate mafia”.

In his speech, Mounib pointed out that the lands owned by the tribes of southern Morocco “require the respect of the State for these national tribes that took up arms to evacuate the colonizer and are still struggling to complete territorial integrity.”

The parliamentarian herself affirmed that “these tribes demand respect, negotiation and consultation with them instead of the unfair policy of memorization”, and added that “they demand fairness, and any investment must be consulted with them in this regard, and the State must help them. to move the region forward.

The leftist Munib did not stop there; She said: “Their demand is legitimate, especially because we want to stimulate the economy, and they know the projects that will be successful in their areas.”

Nabila Mounib emphasized that “if there is exploitation of the land, they should be compensated for it. We reject the expropriation of land in an unfair and aggressive way”.

For his part, Muhammad al-Fadil, a member of the Coordination of the Three Valleys, said that their land was taken from them under the name of investment and added: “We do not refuse to invest.

A member of the Coordination of Oued Noun, Oued Ed-Dahab, Sakia El Hamra, highlighted the cessation of the confiscation of land in the southern provinces by the State through warehouse properties in the absence of dialogue and consultation with their owners. .

The same spokesman pointed out that these investments are “false, trying to evict us from the land”, reiterating the question, “Would anyone in their right mind refuse to invest?”

Representatives of the Coordination affirm their devotion to the homeland, pointing out that “whoever exceeds our loyalty to our king and our homeland is tenuous, they cannot wear us down with what is not in us.”