The Moroccan delegation denounces “provocations and violations of protocol and organization” in Algeria

The Moroccan delegation complains "Provocations and breaches of protocol and organization" in algerian
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Saturday 29 October 2022 – 21:30

A senior Moroccan diplomatic source confirmed that the Moroccan delegation participating in the preparatory meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers for the Arab Summit committed protocol and organizational violations incompatible with diplomatic norms and practices in the meetings held within the framework of the League of Arab states, beginning by not receiving him at the airport.

These abuses committed against the Moroccan delegation were exacerbated, either upon their arrival in the meeting room or during side events, including the dinner hosted by the Algerian Foreign Minister in honor of the participants.

The same source stressed that these abuses would cause serious confusion in the rest of the work of the Arab summit, which explains the absence of a group of Arab leaders or the reluctance of others to attend.

In addition, the Moroccan diplomatic source explained that the Moroccan delegation, like the rest of the Arab delegations, suffered provocations from an Algerian employee whose behavior was violent and offensive, the lack of neutrality and the imposition of his point of view and his failure to the search for consensus.

The Moroccan delegation earlier protested against the amputation of an Algerian channel, which presented itself as a media partner of the League of Arab States, to the Sahara from the map of the Kingdom, before later withdrawing it.

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