The Film Center bans a Moroccan film .. “a separatist song” and “suspicious” reasons

The Cinema Center prohibits a Moroccan film. "breakup song" and reasons "suspicious"
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Thursday 20 October 2022 – 12:08

The Moroccan Film Center entered the line of using Moroccan cinematography “Contact Street” with the music of a pro-Polisario artist; Which caused a sensation on social media platforms.

The Moroccan Cinema Center revealed, in a statement, that it reviewed the film in question, immediately after the discussion that arose about it, and the committee that investigated the validity of the film tapes found that the music that was used in the film work actually belongs to the separatist singer Mariam Mint Hassan, and not to the singer Fadoul, since it is included in the scenario referred to the center and the support committee.

The same source added that, for “suspicious” reasons on the part of the producer and director, it was decided to send a warning to the production company so that within 48 hours they would correct the version of the film so that it coincided with the original script. of the work for which he received public support and a license to shoot it.

According to the same communication, the Moroccan Film Center decided to take a series of measures; Among them is the suspension of the professional license of the director Ismail Al-Iraqi, because his film included a betrayal of the predetermined text, dialogue and voice on the stage of the licensed work, in addition to the suspension of the commercial exploitation visa and the cultural commercial presentation of the cinematographic work at national and international level.

It was also decided, added the communication, “to withdraw the license to practice the profession and the license to approve the production from the production company of the work, while the Moroccan Film Center retains its institutional rights to initiate legal action against the producer. and director to “act”, change and modify data, content, dialogue, cinematographic and audiovisual sound outside the business requirements of legally regulated licenses.

It is noteworthy that the film “Contact Street” benefited from a support of almost 420 million cents from the Moroccan Film Center, and the production company benefited from the support of the advance of income during the third session of the committee to support the production of cinematographic works for fiscal year 2017.

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