Representatives inaugurate autumn session with “Al Chiar”

Representatives open the fall session with"chiar"
Photo: WAM

Monday 17 October 2022 – 16:05

In the first session of oral questions in the House of Representatives, a fight broke out between parliamentarians over the exploitation of requests to speak as part of a point of order; Where several team leaders insisted on intervening with a word.

While Khadija Al-Zoumi, who was presiding over the session, read the agenda, Idris Al-Santissi, leader of the opposition movement group, requested a speech as part of a point of order, referring to article 151 of the House of Representatives. internal system

In his speech, Al-Santini spoke about the opening of the parliamentary session by the King, and highlighted “the extension of the hand so that the government works together in the service of the country far from transitory positions and narrow political calculations.” Insisting on having 5 words under a full point of order, the other MPs rose.

Ahmed Al-Tawizi, head of the parliamentary group of the Authenticity and Modernity Party, of the majority, said for his part that speaking within the framework of a point of order has nothing to do with article 151, which deals exclusively with management within of the parliamentary institution, which did not please Al-Santisi and some of the members of his team.

Al-Tawizi addressed a MP from the People’s Movement team saying, “I am responding to Idris Al-Santisi, and if you don’t like it, invite me to court. Malik is suffocating from the chair,” so responses from the majority and the opposition continued for several minutes, before the president of the session could hardly force the start of a proposal.

The majority and the opposition Parliament