Mukhareq repudiates a document that reveals the Government’s intention to raise the retirement age to 65

The Moroccan Confederation of Labor considered that it was not concerned about the conclusions presented by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in relation to the pension reform plan and the raising of the age to benefit from pensions to 65 years.

The union said that last week’s meeting was preliminary and exclusive to communicate the unions and the ministry, and announce the start of the work of the commission that will work on this file, and never reached any results in this regard.

The same center indicated that “the release of an introductory presentation on the work methodology as if it were an official document agreed by the committee, contributed greatly to the confusion of labor public opinion.”

In social networks, summaries of a foreign studies office clinging to the reform plan that raises the retirement age at the beginning of the reform to 62 years, gradually extends it by 6 months a year until it reaches 65 years, increases the contribution of the state and those involved by four points.

The General Secretariat of the Moroccan Trade Union confirmed, in a statement, that the document, which was made public by the Ministry of Finance, “is nothing more than a platform prepared unilaterally by the aforementioned ministry, and no agreement has been reached on the most of its content and products by representatives of the Moroccan Labor Union.

The union called on the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which was entrusted with the supervision of this very important file, to “respect the ethics and rules of social dialogue and adopt a more serious and responsible approach in the course of the negotiations; This in view of its extreme sensitivity and the great following it has on the part of employees and public opinion in general in our country”.

The Union stressed that “the so-called costly standard reforms for believers will not achieve any results”, pointing out that “they clearly and publicly demonstrate their limitations and their failure, which requires a comprehensive reform and a purely social approach away from the accounting approach”. ”

Miloudi Mukharek, general secretary of the Moroccan Trade Union, described the meetings with the Ministry of Finance as “a crooked start”, stating that “the meeting was only communicative and there were no conclusions. As for the leaked document, it is a presentation from a international studies that means nothing to the unions”.

Mukhareq added, in statements to Hespress, that “the meeting did not include any binding decision, nor did it discuss the content of raising the retirement age, and no views were exchanged on it,” and stressed that “the conclusions of the La office concerns only him”.

Mukhareq warned that “it is not appropriate to filter the offer presented, and this does not rise to the level of social dialogue and destroys trust and credibility”, ruling out boycotting the dialogue sessions on the retirement file, explaining that “the policy of the empty chair is in the interest of the government”, as he put it.