A German company commits to an employment contract in Morocco

In a move aimed at improving workers’ conditions, Morocco’s largest car wiring company signed a collective bargaining agreement with the trade union office of the General Union of Moroccan Workers, in the presence of Younes Skouri, Minister of Economic Integration , Small Business, Employment and Skills.

The general director of the German company “Leoni” in Morocco, Fakhri Boukra, and the general secretary of the General Federation of Moroccan Workers, Elnaam Mayara, signed a collective labor agreement that extends for three years.

The agreement stipulates mutual obligations aimed at creating a balance between the new earnings of employees and the increase in productivity.

Under this agreement, users of the company’s three sites, located in Berrechid, Ain Sebaa and Bouznika, will benefit from a better social environment.

This agreement would have positive repercussions on the company’s work, the development of professional relations and the appeasement of the social climate with a view to raising competitiveness and improving the level and quality of production.

Younis Al-Sakuri, Minister of Economic Integration, Small Businesses, Employment and Skills, said in a statement that Hespress received a copy of the results of the negotiation process, “which took place in an atmosphere of responsibility, cooperation and full trust” between the Two parts

For his part, Ennaam Mayara, general secretary of the General Union of Workers of Morocco, stressed that this agreement “is of the utmost importance because it concerns a sector that, thanks to the high attention and care of King Mohammed VI, has become essential and important”. to the national economy”.

He added that “tangible results have been achieved in this field thanks to the concerted efforts of the social partners and the Ministry of Guardianship, which resulted in the conclusion of collective agreements in several sectors.”

For his part, Fakhri Boukra, General Director of the German company “Leoni” in Morocco, considered that “this collective agreement constitutes a new step towards strengthening professional relations within the company between management and users on the basis of the win-win principle. -win. “

In the same context, Hisham Heniwi, Human Resources Director of the same company, spoke about the importance of closeness, trust, listening and mutual respect that characterize the relationship between the company’s management and the social partner.

Henioui explained that “the foundation’s social project is crystallized in an annual program, and is based mainly on the peculiarities of each social event, celebrating moments of joy and generosity with all Leoni employees in Morocco in all locations”.

It should be noted that the leading manufacturer of automotive fibers employs around 13,000 employees working in various production units, making it one of the largest operating companies in Morocco.