The unions lament the reality of the family of education in Morocco. Teachers are at the bottom of the salary scale

The 5th of October of each year constitutes an occasion for the global celebration of the school and the teachers, which the educational unions of Morocco saw as an opportunity to demand the rehabilitation of the education workers, and the elaboration of a fair statute that restores teachers in their condition.

Youssef Allakush, Secretary General of the Free University for Education, confirmed that World Teachers’ Day coincides this year with a special international context, since it is a year in which the education and training professions have a global priority. , with a national special. context linked to the launch of the central and sectoral dialogue wheels that prioritized the teacher on the path of reform he pointed out that the roadmap speaks of the pedagogical trio: “the student, the teacher and the school”.

The union leader called, in statements to Hespress, to make this year a stage to finally reduce the setbacks, and consolidate a radical turn in the situation of teachers, either professionally or materially, as well as the aspect moral.

Alakush also said: “Investment in human resources must be seen as a necessity and not as a financial cost, given that education and training are an essential lever for human development; And all this can only be achieved with the union of wills within the framework of a national mobilization to value the professions of education and training and restore the dignity of the teacher by giving them the opportunity to fully perform their duties in response to their just and legitimate demands.

And the same speaker added: “If the bet of the social State is a national bet, then it necessarily goes through education, and education will not be correct if it does not attend to the basic element, which is the women and men of education. Any work that does not make the teacher the pole of comfort is doomed to failure.

For his part, Younes Ferrachin, general secretary of the National Union of Education, stressed that “this day is an opportunity to remember the 1966 Convention, which affirms the general framework of rights that must be guaranteed for the benefit of teachers, to exercise their work in the best professional conditions.”

Verashin said that the International Education Organization chose this year the motto “The transformation of education begins with the profession of the teacher”, a motto that “confirms what various studies and successful experiences in the field of education and training have given the around the world, as the reform of any education and training system first requires improving the teaching professions and rehabilitating teachers by improving their social and material conditions, and providing professional conditions for their work”.

This discussion is also open in Morocco, continues the union itself, “especially after the start of the dialogue on the new basic education system for women and men, since we advocate that it be a stimulating, equitable and fair system that restores consideration for the teaching profession”, pointing out that this is the main entrance to the integral reform of the public and coordinated school.

Abdullah Ghamimt, Secretary General of the National University of Education-Democratic Orientation, confirmed that “the International Trade Union Confederation highlighted in its statements and demands the need to pay attention to teachers and provide them with the appropriate professional and social conditions to carry out a noble work ” . , arduous and difficult profession that requires the presence of the State at the level of public spending.”

Ghamimt said: “The main pillar of the system is the teacher, and the teaching profession suffers from many difficulties, in addition to the continuous attack on teaching and public education in particular, and undermining its pillars by hitting the components of the profession by hitting the social conditions of the teacher and his position at the bottom of the salary scale within society; In many media he is exposed to jokes and attacks, which contributes to losing his leadership position within the society.

The same union leader stressed that “the advancement of public education depends on the immediate response to the demands of the educational worker, by allowing him to have a basic system that responds to his aspirations and stops the attacks against the public service.”