The government meets the demands of higher education in 2023… and these are the details of the salary increase

The government meets the demands of higher education in 2023... and these are the details of the salary increase
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Wednesday 5 October 2022 – 04:00

Identical sources revealed to Hespress that Fawzi Lekjaa, the minister in charge of the budget, confirmed in a presentation during the “Monday meeting” that brought together the National Union for Higher Education and the government, the possibility of daring with the draft that is will agree. on between the government and the Union of Higher Education from 2023, after the speech of the Prime Minister, in which he said that the discharge of the agreement would be possible during the fiscal year 2024.

A source told Hespress that Aziz Akhannouch, after listening to Lekja’s presentation, confirmed that the latter will chair the technical committee that will follow up the dialogue with trade unionists, so he is aware of the possibilities available.

The commission chaired by Lekjaa is expected to discuss the details of the salary increase contained in the project agreed upon during Minister Amzazi’s mandate, which was approved by Abdellatif Mirawi, next Friday, according to the same source, specifying that the agreement that united the union with Amzazi allocated an increase of 3,500 Dirhams for qualified teachers, 4,000 for assistant teachers, 6,000 for higher education teachers and 8,000 for teachers with exceptional qualifications.

On the other hand, a union source that attended the meeting indicated that the union is waiting for the presentation that the Ministry of Finance will make, after which it will announce its position, and added: “The government stated during the meeting the existence of political will to solve the file of higher education professors, and create an environment of social peace”.

On the other hand, the union advocated the need to reconsider “the prejudice that affects teachers who accumulate a long experience outside of Morocco, and that when they return to the homeland, they must return to the zero point and resume their path, as the current The system does not guarantee continuity.

Aziz Akhannouch affirmed, according to a statement from the National Union of Higher Education, his government’s determination to radically reform the higher education system and scientific research as a whole, expressing his willingness to seriously address a series of imbalances experienced by the system , to develop and modernize this strategic sector and restore trust between the actors.

Higher education professors consider their file legitimate and fair, since they are the category whose salaries have not increased in almost twenty years or scientific research.

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