The consequences of the “water crisis” exacerbate the suffering of nomadic herders in the Moroccan mountainous regions

Large groups of nomads suffer the consequences of the dry season due to the scarcity of drinking water in the mountainous areas, given the lack of rain throughout the current year, which caused a drop in the water table in the wells used.

Local sources pointed out, in this sense, the increasing suffering of nomadic herders in mountainous areas far from towns with water, which motivated some dirt groups, in collaboration with associations, to periodically send tankers to those areas to ensure that they are provided with this vital substance.

In this context, Mohamed El Dech, head of the Civil Coalition for the Mountain, said: “Water scarcity is not limited only to Moroccan metropolises, but also includes mountainous areas that do not stand out much in the face of the country’s water emergency. ”.

Al-Dish added, in statements to the Hespress electronic newspaper, that “the water tank has receded in the mountainous areas, which caused the suffering of the nomadic herders during the last summer, given the absence of drinking water in those areas, which that it takes to walk long distances to get water.

The same civil actor explained that “the decrease in rainfall negatively affected the standard of living of the inhabitants of the mountainous areas, including nomadic herders, since most of the wells dried up and the surface water bed decreased, which led farmers to sell a large quantity of it to avoid its high cost after rising feed prices.”

The spokesperson continued: “Some livestock associations provide the inhabitants of the mountainous world with tanker trucks to provide them with drinking water, but this initiative remains insufficient with the continuation of the dry season, in addition to the spread of some herders in remote mountainous areas. hard-to-reach areas.

And he added: “The Civil Coalition for the Mountain has always called on public authorities to think about local projects to collect rainwater in the high mountains, in parallel to the construction of small dams, with the aim of alleviating the population suffering. regarding the provision of drinking water in times of drought”.

Nizar Baraka, Minister of Equipment and Water, has previously pointed out that “Morocco is experiencing a real water crisis this year, which has caused a number of citizens to face problems in supplying this vital substance” .

The same official indicated, in previous statements, that the ministry “has worked on the acquisition of 706 trucks to bring water to the affected population, and the acquisition of mobile desalination units for the benefit of many regions, in addition to digging exploratory wells. ”