Accused of “forgery and kidnapping of ballot boxes” persecute leader of the Popular Movement Party

affair "Forgery and kidnapping of ballot boxes" Persecuting a leader of the Popular Movement Party
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Tuesday 4 October 2022 – 21:30

Sources revealed to Hespress that the judicial police of the Royal Gendarmerie heard, on Monday night, more than 8 people; Among them is the son of a leader of the Popular Movement Party, who was among the candidates in the last partial elections accused of bribery and forgery.

At a time when the rivals of the leader Harki affirm that the monitoring took place after a complaint filed by the Progress and Socialism candidate against him and adopted by the candidates for Independence and “Al-Bam”, stressing that his son tried to seize the ballot box and fill it with papers, a source close to Harki’s candidate stated that “his opponent recruited a group of people who made a videotape with the aim of distorting it and preparing a presumption to appeal to the Constitutional Court.”

The same source added: “Neither the kinetic leader is concerned about this monitoring, nor is his son, and those who will be brought before the Public Ministry are the people who appeared in the video, in addition to other people who participated in it. the plot,” as he put it.

And because the Popular Movement candidate’s car was parked last night in front of the gendarmerie barracks, the source close to him said: “The kinetic leader went to the gendarmerie to warn the authorities that he is being subjected to a process of counterfeiting and manufacturing ”, according to his story.

For its part, a source who was present during the voting stage confirmed that the gendarmerie services heard the son of the activist leader and other young people who were at the voting table.

The same spokesman explained to Hespress, “The person who received the bribe in exchange for filling the fund for the benefit of the SPLM, in the end did not comply with the demand of the son of the leader of the movement; Which motivated the latter to force it into a car with the help of other people, and they bribed the head of the office and then proceeded to fill the box.”

The aforementioned people, in addition to the son of the leader of the movement, will be presented tomorrow, Monday morning, before the public accusation in the Court of First Instance of the Driush region.

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