The Ukrainian army’s control of the “Liman” creates problems for the Russian army

The control by the Ukrainian army of the city of Lyman, which is an important railway hub in the Donetsk region (east) annexed by Moscow, poses a major problem for the Russian forces, who are in a defensive position and are forced to draw a new front line

In the east of the Kharkiv region of northeastern Ukraine, the railways arrive at the Kobyansk Vozlovi station and then head south to Svatovey in the Moscow-annexed Luhansk region.

During the 6 months of Russian control, the trains transported supplies for the Moscow forces deployed in the south through this railway, making this station a vital logistics center for Russian military operations. In recent days, however, the situation changed, the Ukrainian counterattack allowed kyiv to recover much of the territory of the region, forcing the Russian forces to withdraw.

“This site has always been an important strategic point,” said a Ukrainian soldier nicknamed “Rusomakha,” as behind him the station’s windows were shattered and its lobby was desolate.

During the inspection of the unit to which the “Rosomakha” station belongs, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky officially announced on Sunday the restoration of Lyman to the front line in the Donetsk region.

In a video recording, on the occasion of the achievement of this victory by Kyiv, two days after Moscow annexed the Ukrainian regions partially or totally controlled by its army, he confirmed that the city was “completely rid” of the Russian army .

balanced developments

Kobyansk Vozlovy is located 90 kilometers north of Lyman, along the Oskil River, a short distance from the city of Kobyansk, which was recaptured by the Ukrainians last week.

Faced with these events, the Russian army was forced to retreat precipitously towards Svatove; Located halfway between the cities of Severdonetsk and Lesechansk.

Russian forces are now expected to try to stop the advance of the Ukrainian army deep in the areas announced by Moscow, in Svatove, 30 km from this railway.

However, “Rosomakha” and his comrades from the Ukrainian army “are not worried”, stating that “the Russian army fled defeated”, stressing that Ukraine will continue its offensive as soon as it reorganizes the ranks of its forces in Kobyansk.

Askari himself added: “They fled in terror,” noting that “having prisoners gave them a good idea of ​​the Russian scheme,” as he put it.

Rosomakha said reservists had bolstered the ranks of the Russian army after the partial mobilization announced by President Vladimir Putin less than 10 days ago to face Kyiv’s counterattack.

The Ukrainian soldier expressed confidence in victory, noting that “according to Ukrainian law, these lands are part of Ukraine,” referring to the areas annexed by Moscow, prompting protests from Kyiv and its Western allies.

“This is our land,” he said, standing a few meters from a hole caused by shelling by the Russian army as it retreated. I am from the Luhansk region, so I will not stop before the last Russian soldier leaves these lands.”