The Eastern Council ratifies the association agreements

Today, Monday, the Council of the Eastern Region approved all the points on the agenda of the October ordinary session, which referred to projects of association and cooperation agreements in a variety of sectors with a development, economic and social dimension.

During this session, which was chaired by the President of the Council, Abdel Nabi Baawi, and attended, in particular, by the Governor of the Eastern Region, the Governor of Oujda-Angad and Moaz Jami, the members of the Council approved the draft budget for the eastern region for the year 2023.

Council members also approved a draft framework agreement for the implementation of industrial infrastructure projects in the eastern region, and a partnership and cooperation framework agreement related to the completion of the first part of the project for the rehabilitation, modernization and reconstruction of the weekly markets to reactivate the local products of the region.

In the social aspect, the Council of the Eastern Region approved a collaboration agreement for the creation and management of the role of a village family in the region, and a draft collaboration agreement for cooperation between the Council and the General Administration Delegate Penitentiary and Reinsertion, in order to enhance the services provided to inmates, in addition to similar agreements with the Ministry of Tourism The craft industry, the social and solidarity economy, and the mandate of the eastern region.

In addition, the members of the Council approved the modification of a collaboration and cooperation agreement project to build and equip the National School of Digital Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, where it was decided to equip a part of the Berkane Interdisciplinary College of the University of Mohamed I in Oujda to accelerate its start-up during the next academic year, which is the school that was scheduled to take place in the city of Saidia.

In the same context, and in relation to the field of higher education, the Council approved a draft association agreement for the creation and operation of “Technopark Oujda”.

Speaking to the press, Abdul Nabi Baawi, president of the Council, said that the agenda for this session included points of great importance for the region, noting that the Council has ratified several agreements that bind it to a group of partners in order to to drive the wheel of development, encourage investment and create job opportunities.

Baawi added that the challenges related to water were also among the points discussed by the members of the council, and stressed that it is intended to begin studying the project of a desalination plant between Ras El Maa and Nador, with the horizon of its implementation starting of 2023, given its actuality

The same official also indicated that this station would help improve the level of drinking water in the area, and could also be used to water some trees and plants.