Government summons unions to consult on pension reform

An informed source revealed to Hespress that the Ministry of Economy and Finance has invited the unions to attend a meeting next Wednesday (October 5), which will be dedicated to discussing the pension reform file.

Nadia Fattah Al-Alawi, Minister of Economy and Finance, is expected to chair this meeting, which is considered the first meeting between the government and the unions on the pension reform file.

According to the data obtained by Hespress, the Minister of Economy and Finance is expected to present the conclusions of a study on pension systems and agree on the work methodology.

This meeting takes place in compliance with the results of the social agreement signed on April 30, which stipulated the launch of a comprehensive reform of the pension systems through an open dialogue with the social parties with a view to establishing a unified system for the public sector. and one for the private sector.

Nadia Fattah Al-Alawi had confirmed that the consultation process with the unions on the pension systems will take place after a technical study is presented to establish the retirement system.

Al-Alawi responded to a parliamentary question about the fact that the study will diagnose the current situation and current structural problems, stressing that the standard package of reforms alone is insufficient to solve the financial problems.

The same minister had stated the Government’s intention to progressively raise the retirement age of employees affiliated to the collective system for granting retirement salaries, up to the current one in force in the civil pension system of the Moroccan Pension Fund, that is, 63 years old.

The Minister clarified that this amendment, which was previously recommended by the Supreme Court of Accounts in its 2017 report on the Moroccan Pension Fund, will allow greater harmonization in the working methods of public pension systems, thus paving the way to achieve the objective of the pension system. , especially the unified public pole.

Saad Eddine El Othmani’s government came close to ratifying a bill raising the retirement age of employees participating in the collective retirement wage award system to 63, before deciding to postpone a decision on the matter, at a Governing Council meeting held on July 1, 2021, under pressure from protest unions.