The Ukrainian army announces the entry into the city of “Liman”

The Ukrainian army announces the entry into the city. "Liman"
Photo: AFP

Saturday, October 1, 2022 – 3:40 p.m.

Today, Saturday, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced that Ukrainian soldiers entered the city of Lyman, writing on Twitter: “Ukrainian air assault forces enter Lyman, Donetsk region.”

The tweet was accompanied by a minute-long video clip showing two Ukrainian soldiers waving and then hanging the country’s flag next to a sign reading “Lyman” at the entrance to the city.

One of the soldiers said with a smile: “We raised our national flag and erected it on our land. Lyman will always be part of Ukraine.”

A little earlier, the Ukrainian army said that it was “surrounding thousands of Russian soldiers in the city of the Donetsk region.”

The governor of the neighboring Lugansk region, Sergei Gaidai, for his part, gave “three options” to the Russian soldiers present in Lyman: “escape, die all together or surrender”, as he said.

Lyman is in the north of Donetsk, which Moscow announced on Friday its annexation, although its forces control only part of it.

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