The Polisario is 40 tents on Algerian soil

President of the Peruvian Congress: The Polisario has 40 stores on Algerian soil
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Friday 30 September 2022 – 16:00

In a strong speech, María del Carmen Alva, President of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Parliament of the Republic of Peru, harshly criticized the policy of current Peruvian President Pedro Castillo, in support of the separatist “Polisario” Front, expressing her concern about what which he described as “inconsistency and lack of seriousness in his country’s foreign affairs policy”, referring to his country’s change of position towards withdrawing recognition of the “Polisario” and supporting the Kingdom’s territorial integrity, within a year .

“I don’t know why Peru recognized the so-called ‘Sahrawi Republic,’” said the Peruvian political official, who heads the Peruvian Congress, in a speech during a Foreign Relations Committee meeting. And we all know that they are just a group of nomads (nomads) in 40 tents on Algerian soil and not recognized by the United Nations, nor by the Arab countries.

And Del Carmen Alva, who was clearly angry at the way this dossier had been treated in her country in recent times, added that “nobody recognizes the Polisario… I don’t understand why Peru did this,” before raising other concerns by Peruvian parliamentarians on this issue, A note that his country changed its position on the Polisario at least 3 times in a year under the presidency of Pedro Castillo.

María del Carmen Jam launched her criticism, in her speech before the members of the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, stressing that “her country has been trapped in the past”, explaining that “the world is no longer stuck in 1984; Rather, foreign policy has changed, and since then the Berlin Wall has fallen and the Soviet Union has collapsed,” she said.

The president of the Peruvian Congress returned to this subject; Because, according to her, “it reflects a bad image of Peru at the international level”, warning that “the country is already suffering from internal crises, and this contradiction in the positions of the State that marks its foreign policy makes it a State that lacks seriousness. ”. and reliability” in the eyes of the international community.

It seems that the Peruvian parliament is not completely satisfied with the evolution of the country’s foreign policy towards the issue of Morocco’s territorial integrity. Likewise, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Macae, the Peruvian foreign minister, had barely served two months in office until he resigned before mid-September 2022; It is likely that he made his decision after disagreements between him and the country’s president.

These recent events were accelerated in light of local media comments about a direct relationship between Mackay’s decision to resign and “the lack of understanding between Castillo and his head of diplomacy regarding the rupture of relations with the” Polisario ” and the recognition by the Peruvian Foreign Ministry in mid-August of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco”. The response was through an official statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that included “Morocco’s recognition and praise for the Peruvian decision, which opens a new page in relations with this friendly country. ”

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