France plans to include the Sahara conflict in Euromed

French sources told the Elysée Palace of their intention to include the Moroccan Sahara issue on the agenda of the “Euro-Mediterranean Summit”, which was scheduled to be held in Alicante today, Friday, in the context of the energy crisis caused by the Russian- ukrainian

And it was decided to postpone the “Euro-Mediterranean Summit”, which includes nine European countries bordering the Mediterranean, to a later date after Pedro Sánchez, the President of the Spanish Government, was infected with the new “Corona” virus, according to the French. . Le Figaro newspaper.

This was also confirmed by the French and Spanish news agency, noting that “Corona” was the reason for the postponement of the aforementioned summit, given that the President of the Spanish Government was infected with the coronavirus, which led him to postpone all his national commitments. and international. equipment.

According to the Spanish agency “Effi”, the issue of the Moroccan Sahara is not on the official agenda of the Euromed summit, but the French delegation participating in the ninth summit intends to alert the European Union about the repercussions of the Moroccan-Algerian conflict on the Sahara in gas supply in Europe.

According to the Iberian media, the French delegation participating in the “Euro-Mediterranean Summit” justified the reasons for raising the issue for debate due to the repercussions of the Sahara conflict on gas supply in the “old continent”, especially after the energy crisis. is experiencing due to the continuation of the war between Kyiv and Moscow.

And the Spanish agency pointed out that “the Elysée Palace communicated to the European partners France’s will to maintain good relations between all the countries bordering the Mediterranean, in the face of the international repercussions derived from the Ukrainian crisis, especially with regard to the rise in energy prices. “

The same event also aims to discuss another issue between the heads of state and government participating in the summit, related to the Greek-Turkish frictions on immigration, where France underlined, in this regard, the need to respect international law, calling Turkey to abandon its “intimidation maneuvers”.

Political relations between Paris and Rabat have been very tense for months, given the ambiguous position of the “Elysée Palace” on the issue of the Moroccan Sahara, as well as its attempt to exploit the “diplomatic apathy” between Morocco and Algeria to serve their foreign interests in the region.