Experts discuss ways to revive tourism in Morocco

The Institute of the Deposit and Management Fund and the Investment Fund of the “Madayef” Fund organized, on Thursday, a digital seminar on strengthening the tourism system, with the participation of a group of experts, to discuss the reality, perspectives and ways of develop this sector, which plays an important role in the national economy.

The choice of this theme comes at a time when the tourism industry is undergoing rapid transformations in recent years with the emergence of new vacation aspirations, as well as modern technologies that allow a deeper understanding of the desires of tourists.

During his speech at the symposium, Jean-Luc Paulin, Tourism Advisor, said that tourism systems involve various private actors, from accommodation, transport and restaurant establishments, to public actors from territorial communities and governments that must provide the necessary infrastructure and promote destinations; This makes these systems very complex, since these actors play an important role in the success of the tourist experience.

For his part, Hosni Medghari Alaoui, Director of Innovation at Madaif, pointed out that the tourism industry is a key sector in the Moroccan economy. The Group of Deposit and Management Funds focused on this through the company “Madayef”, and indicated that tourism can achieve real added value for the development of the regions.

Medghari Al-Alawi stated that the COVID-19 health crisis had a significant impact on the sector, which previously accounted for around 8 percent of gross domestic product, adding: “Today, there are efforts to restore dynamism to this sector. and encourage innovation. in it, as the post-Covid GDP period demands.”

The official considered that, in addition to the support provided by the State to companies operating in the sector, there is a need for the territorial authorities to get involved in this path so that tourism is a greater contributor to the economy.

For his part, El-Araby Safa, professor at the Essaouira Higher School of Technology, pointed out that tourism has always faced crises such as the crisis caused by the Corona pandemic, and stressed that the desire to travel is stronger than all the crisis; This was evidenced by national and international tourism figures, with the relaxation of movement prevention measures, after the Corona crisis calmed down.

Othman Sherif Alaoui, head of the regional tourism council in Casablanca-Settat, said the crisis has badly damaged the sector with 50 percent of jobs disappearing, asking: “How can tourism recovery be achieved without human resources and private sector investments that have lost all interest?”

The same spokesman stressed that the sector’s vision of reaching 26 million tourists in the coming years must be achieved despite the presence of many obstacles.

In this regard, the president of the Casablanca-Settat Regional Tourism Council drew attention to the importance of working to raise the average stay of foreign tourists in Morocco, which currently does not exceed 2.3 days, stressing that the bet is reach an average of 4 days; This requires good governance and real accompaniment whenever the demand is great for the destiny of Morocco, as he said.