The Government extends the term of appointment of the members of the press council

Today, Thursday, the Government Council approved the draft Decree-Law No. 2.22.770 approving the National Press Council, which was presented by Mohamed Hajjoui, Secretary General of the Government, on behalf of Mohamed El Mahdi Bensaïd , Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication.

This project aims to extend the mandate of the members of the National Press Council for six months; This in order to ensure the normal development of the Council in the exercise of the functions entrusted to it by the Press and Publications Code and the texts adopted for its development, especially with regard to the granting of the press card. professional in accordance with the second article of the law. updated by the Council and Law No. 89.13 regarding the status of professional journalists, in addition to Decree No. 2.19.121 regarding the determination of the modalities for the granting and renewal of the professional press card, as well as other related tasks with the maintenance of the principles; Including adherence to the Code of Ethics of the profession and the rules relating to its exercise.