Meetings interested in regional cultural policies

Regional consultative meetings that question regional cultural policies and the presence of young people in them They are scheduled to start from October to April next year 2023, in three Moroccan regions: Draa – Tafilalet, Marrakech – Safi and Souss – Massa.

It is expected that these regional consultation meetings will produce a report on “Cultural and Youth Policies in Morocco”, prepared by the “Moroccan Center for Youth and Democratic Transitions”.

These consultative meetings are organized in the context of the second phase of the “Youth Academy for Cultural Policies in Morocco” project implemented by the Center in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation for a period of three years (2022-2024), with in order to contribute to “open a public debate on public policies aimed at young people in the cultural field.” At the national and regional level, empower youth associations and dynamics that work in the field of culture with the references, concepts and mechanisms necessary to advocate for policies in the cultural field.

This initiative also seeks to “capitalize experiences, initiatives and youth dynamics that work in the cultural field, advocate for the adoption of public policies aimed at young people in the cultural field and integrate various cultural dimensions in educational programs and curricula.”

According to a statement issued by the regional meetings, the aim is to “create a new dynamic at the regional level to assess the levels of presence of culture in regional public policies, diagnosing the reality of culture and cultural policies at the regional level, and questioning the reach of youth”. presence in these policies.

The meetings also aspire to “evaluate the roles played by the ground actor, civil society and youth dynamics in the elaboration and evaluation of a regional cultural policy that takes into account local and regional cultural specificities, and new forms of cultural expression. for youth, and give the utmost importance to culture as a main lever for local development through the roles that culture can play in ensuring job opportunities for youth.”

These consultative meetings also seek to “know closely the experiences, initiatives and youth dynamics at the local and regional level that work in the cultural field”.

It should be noted that the Moroccan Center for Youth and Democratic Transitions is an “independent non-governmental, non-profit organization, established on April 5, 2014”, and seeks to “spread the values ​​of democracy, human rights and citizenship”. within Moroccan society”, and aims to “support the community participation of young people, and qualify them cognitively to contribute to the transformation”. democracy in Morocco.