Inauguration of the regional book fair in Tangier

Inauguration of the regional book fair in Tangier
Photos: Hespress

Thursday 29 September 2022 – 06:18

Hassan Zitouni, governor of Tinghir province, supervised, on Wednesday night, the opening of the activities of the fifth session of the regional book fair, which is organized by the regional directorate of the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication (Culture Sector) in the Draa-Tafilalet region from September 28 to October 4 in Tinghir.

The course, whose inauguration was attended by the general secretary of Employment, the regional director of the culture sector, the head of the interior department, the heads of security and foreign services and those interested in writers from different regions of Morocco, is organized under the motto “The book is a pleasure and a life”, with the support of the employment of the region, the regional council, the community of Tinghir and the regional directorate for the culture sector.

Omar Bensaid, regional delegate of the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication (Culture Sector) in Draa Tafilalet, confirmed that the organization of the fifth session of the regional book fair in Tinghir is part of the activation of the Ministry of Culture’s plan to spread the culture of the book and contribute to the definition of the book and the act of public reading. This is in implementation of the national program to organize these annual regional fairs in the Kingdom.

Bensaid added, speaking to Hespress, that this session is also being organized in the midst of this event that is catching its breath after two years of paralysis due to the Corona pandemic, highlighting the participation of various institutions and publishers in this event. , highlighting that about 33 exhibitors from different regions of the Kingdom registered their attendance in addition to the national exhibitors.

The regional head of the culture sector explained that this day is characterized by a rich and purposeful cultural and dynamic program that combines training workshops for children with scientific and intellectual sessions in the presence of distinguished university professors and writers, as well as morning sessions for children. and the signing of a series of publications and books by local and regional authors.

The organizer of this regional book fair in Tinghir aims to dedicate the act of reading among young people and students, and try to reduce the digital and social media attack on the younger age groups. And that is through the combination of the book with educational and recreational activities, said Omar Bensaïd, regional director of the culture sector in the Draa-Tafilalet region.

It should be noted that the worker from the Tinghir region, accompanied by the entourage that accompanies him, visited all the corridors and activities carried out in the regional book fair, whose activities will last until the night of Tuesday, October 4 next. Hassan Zitouni also oversaw a ceremony honoring the reading challenge heroes; They are Marwa Al Bakri, Nada Eco and Mohamed Ait M’hamed.

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