Akroud simplifies legal information for Moroccans

Akroud simplifies legal information for Moroccans
Photos: Youssef Sadr

Thursday 29 September 2022 – 22:18

The Moroccan actress and director Sanaa Akroud lives a new experience on her way, after being chosen by the Ministry of Justice as the image of its advertising campaign.

Sanaa Akroud told the Hespress newspaper that she is happy with this choice and honored by it. She thanked the Ministry of Justice and her Minister, Abdel Latif Wehbe, who allowed her to be part of this national action, adding that this matter is a responsibility and it is not easy to pass on legal information and explain it; Because it is difficult in her dictionary.

The Moroccan actress and director added that the capsules she photographed with the ministry aim to explain the services and facilitate and pass on legal information to people so that it is not left ambiguous and exclusive to specialists; It is available for all classes.

The same spokeswoman stressed that this matter considers it a responsibility; Because you must be careful when transmitting it, because it is linked to the exact norms and laws, hoping that it will be an honorable and luminous interface to transmit useful information and simplify it to citizens and reflect the spirit of this workshop and the national project.

In his interview with Hespress, Akroud indicated that he is not related to Abdel Latif Wehbe, Minister of Justice; But she knows him and is proud of him and the people of Taroudant, and she loves him very much because they are from the same region, and she considers him an empowered, successful person who has made his way and deserves it.

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