The lack of medical equipment in hospitals exacerbates the suffering of patients

Reading the articles of some newspapers on Thursday, from “the evening” and the continuous suffering of the patients of the Al-Aaiún Specialty Hospital due to the absence of some of the main medical equipment necessary for more than three years, which it forces them to seek out private clinics for treatment despite exorbitant financial costs, but large categories of city residents are unable to do so due to their miserable social conditions.

The same newspaper wrote that elements of the state police in the security state of Fez had managed to dismantle a network of seven people, three of whom had criminal records, suspected of being involved in a case related to fraud and defrauding who wanted. obtain “Schengen” visas.

The seven suspects were kept under theoretical guard measures, at the disposal of the investigations that are carried out under the supervision of the competent Public Ministry, in order to clarify all the circumstances and circumstances of this case, as well as identify all the criminal acts attributed. to those interested.

Al-Massa also reported that the investigating judge of the Marrakesh Court of Appeal ordered the referral of 3 people who are being persecuted in an arrest case to the Oudayas prison, on suspicion of their involvement in the attack on a nightclub in Gueliz. district, after following them up in a case of arrest by the king’s prosecutor to form a criminal gang. Participation in robberies with weapons.

And to “Moroccan events”, which published that the police had opened an investigation with the vice president of the Tetouan group for a case related to fraud, forgery and use of documents.

The newspaper pointed out that the representative in question was represented in the security state of Tetouan to hear a complaint against her and her lawyer husband, who bears very serious accusations from a victim who claims to have fallen into his trap before, after they deluded her . with helping her recover land, blackmailing her and manipulating official documents.

In other news, the same newspaper reported that the Assa El-Zak Regional Tourism Council will organize, during the period between October 4 and 6, the activities of the first session of the First Tourism Forum, Asa El-Zak , under the slogan “Rural tourism, promising prospects for integrated development”.

Al-Ahdath Al-Moroccan added that this event, which is being held with the support of the Southern Provinces Development Agency, aims to achieve a series of objectives, such as valuing cultural heritage, reactivating the tourist movement and contribute to the promotion of culture. sightseeing.

The “Moroccan events” also drew attention to the fact that many parents of children with disabilities collided with the start of the current school season with closed schools in the face of their children, due to the refusal of many directors of educational institutions. public to join. them, despite the recent ministerial memorandum that calls on them to facilitate the integration process and accompany and monitor the registration process through the Masar system in inclusive public and private educational institutions.

For its part, Al-Alam published that the Moroccan delegation decided to withdraw from participation in the climate justice camp held in Nabeul, Tunisia, during the period between September 25 and 30, 2022, due to the presence of mercenaries. of the Polisario among the participants in the camp. name of a Spanish organization called “NOVACT”. They tried to organize a workshop under the title: “Climate change under occupation – Greenwashing”, on the sidelines of the forum.

We also read within the “Science” materials that the prices of poultry continue to rise in all national markets, so that the price of chicken reached 25 dirhams per kilogram, which sparked a wave of indignation in Moroccan circles, especially among low-income people who depleted their purchasing power in the face of stagnant wages.

In this regard, Youssef Alaoui, head of the Interprofessional Federation of the Moroccan Poultry Sector, said that the cost of producing a kilogram of poultry is 16.50 dirhams, after what it was before the war between Ukraine and Russia, not exceeding 12.50 dirhams.

Al-Alawi added, in statements to Al-Alam, that fodder, which constitutes 80 percent of the cost of production (corn, soybeans), comes from abroad, precisely from Argentina, Brazil and America, and the difficulty of obtaining it increased due to the closure of Ukraine’s borders, in addition to the high price of the dollar.