The Moroccan Football League does not need to depend on foreign referees

Hadda: The Moroccan Football League does not need to depend on foreign referees
Photo: Hsport

Monday 26 September 2022 – 03:00

Yahya Hadga, Director of the National Directorate of Referees, expressed his satisfaction with the results shown by many young referees at the beginning of this football season, despite some failures in some matches of the First Division Championship, which he considered “contained in football”. matches.”

Hadga said, in an interview with “Hesport”, that giving the National Arbitration Directorate the opportunity for dozens of young referees to officiate matches, for the first and second division championships, came after his brilliance last season, as well as in the context of the search for the arbitration body to prepare the successor, especially with the approach of several referees from retirement for the next two seasons.

The director of the National Arbitration Directorate considered that the arbitration errors, which were known in some league games this season, are the result of pushing the young referees who discover the first section matches, in addition to their ignorance of the pressure . of these matches, rejecting, in the same context, the accusations made against some of the tournament referees of “bias and dishonesty”.

And Hadga considered, in the same dialogue, that “the integrity of the Moroccan referees is not discussed nor can it be put in the balance”, pointing out that “the referee falls into slips during his direction of the matches”, and that there are “referees showing up with weak returns,” but that doesn’t mean their lack of integrity. .

And the “University Referee Manager” justified that the “judges of the tournament stadium” take a long time to make a decision based on “VAR” technology in some games, because the process “knows that there are three interfering (the referees , broadcasting) channel and the company “Var”), and it is difficult for the arbitrator, in many cases. Sometimes the decision is made quickly because the image is not clear or because of the location of the cameras.”

Hadga rejected the idea of ​​relying on foreign referees in the professional league, saying that “Moroccan referees are distinguished from African referees and lead matches in various continental tournaments, so the Moroccan professional league does not need to rely on foreign referees. ”

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