Voting begins in the Italian elections

Italians began voting Sunday morning to elect a new parliament in an election the far right is expected to win.

Polling stations opened at 0500 GMT, as voters queued to cast their ballots. The centers will remain open until 21:00 GMT, provided that, upon closing, the first opinion polls are issued, which will reflect a clear picture of the results.

With the “Fratelli d’Italia” (Brothers of Italy) party expected to give about a quarter of the vote, according to recent opinion polls, its leader, Georgia Meloni, 45, is likely to lead a coalition government in which extreme law will dominate at the expense of traditional law.

Observers believe that this will constitute a real earthquake in Italy, one of the founding countries of Europe and the third economic power in the eurozone. Just as in the European Union, which will have to deal with this hard-line policy.

The party leader had said during her election campaign that “everyone in Europe is worried about seeing Meloni in government (…) the party is over and Italy will start defending its national interests.”

However, the elections may contain surprises, especially in the south of the country, in terms of the results of the “Five Star Movement” against government institutions, which is credited with establishing a minimum wage for the poorest, and the (left) Democratic Party, which has a strong local base.

Whichever government emerges from the elections to take office from the end of October already faces obstacles in its path. It will have to deal with the crisis caused by the sharp rise in prices, at a time when Italy faces a debt of 150% of its GDP, the highest in the eurozone after Greece.

In this context, Italy is in a situation of extreme need to be able to continue with the aid distributed by the European Union within the framework of its economic recovery plan after the “Covid-19” epidemic, of which this country is the first to benefit and greatly differentiates from other countries.