“The Return” is a moving movie… and disrespect is my only red line in cinema

Moroccan actor Abdessalam Al-Bouhsini enters into a new experience in the world of the seventh art through a new film entitled “El Retorno”, directed by Ibrahim El Choukiri, and which was shown for the first time in the Festival’s official competition National Film Festival in Tangier, in the feature film category.

In a chat with the electronic newspaper Hespress, Al-Bouhsini talks about the details of his new job, his red lines in the cinema and also the secret of his distinction in recent years in dramas.

Tell us about the movie “The Return”.

“The Return” is a moving movie and a wonderful human story on all levels, in addition to the wonderful acting of the actors; The director also stood out in this job, and I consider it a little gem.

Where were the action scenes filmed?

We shot the scenes of the film between Morocco and Brussels.

Can the work be presented on a global platform?

We aspire to show this film and other films also on international platforms; All Moroccan cinema aspires to compete in other Arab and international markets.

Do you believe in talent or training?

Both are together, because training alone does not guarantee the graduation of artists, and talent alone does not guarantee that a person will go far in this field.

What are your red lines in the movies?

Disrespect is my only red line. When it comes to risqué scenes, for me politics is risqué; As for the nudity scenes, just the situation, because not all of them are inappropriate and should be in their place.

What is the secret of your distinction in dramas?

There is no secret, I have the same approach, and the working method differs from project to project, depending on the characters, but it follows the approach of film and television.

message to your audience.

I hope that the audience will like the film as much as they liked Ibrahim Al-Shukairy’s first film, “The Road to Kabul”, which set a record.

I am sure that this film will not go unnoticed either, but will be successful and, most importantly, interact with the audience.