Morocco detains Britain involved in criminal cases

Morocco detains Britain involved in criminal cases
Photo: WAM

Friday 23 September 2022 – 12:46

On September 19, the National Security forces of the port of Tangier-Med arrested a foreign citizen who was trying to enter the national territory illegally, while he was hiding inside a trailer connected to an international transport truck coming from a Spanish port.

Inquiries and investigations carried out, according to a report by the Directorate General of National Security, indicated that this detained foreigner had presented dubious identity documents stating that he was a 33-year-old Maltese citizen. This required submitting it to a diagnosis and identification process through international cooperation channels in the field of security.

This diagnostic process resulted in the identification of the true identity of the suspect, who turned out to be a 42-year-old English citizen, wanted by British justice in serious criminal cases related to premeditated murder and violation of legislation related to possession and use of firearms.

The foreign suspect has been kept under police custody, subject to the judicial investigation ordered by the competent Public Ministry, in order to determine the criminal acts attributed to him in the national territory; While coordination will be carried out with the competent authorities of the United Kingdom regarding the part related to the extradition request within the framework of the relevant agreements and legal texts.

Security sources told Hespress that the person in question arrived incognito in a trailer and was arrested, accompanied by a Moroccan driver. After the identity documents were submitted, it was found that they were suspects, so the coordination with Interpol was coordinated.

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