Education Statute Incorporates “Marcos de Academias” and Adds Scholarship “Mes 13”

The Minister of National Education, Primary Education and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa, is expected to meet with the sectoral unions, in the middle of next week, to sign the minutes of the agreement on the statute, and then continue with its final drafting. formulation.

The commissions of the statute have met throughout this week, since Monday, and have agreed on formulas that are awaiting final dissemination to the public, according to union statements.

Abd al-Razzaq al-Idrisi, National Secretary General of the National University of Education (Democratic Orientation), stated that the general framework of the Basic Law has been clarified and includes tangible progress at the level of several pending files.

Al-Idrisi said, in a statement to Hespress, that “contracted professors will benefit from core financial posts being incorporated into next year’s finance law, rather than the current work in terms of bringing them up to the level of regional financial management.” “. clauses”. The agreement provides for the payment of the salaries of “academic staff” charged to the public treasury of the Kingdom, according to the same union leader.

Al-Idrisi explained that this step will be adopted from next year, noting that this matter is pending the act, but agreed, and said: “They will also be empowered with a transitional national movement and the full right to run for it instead of the current formula that is limited to joining the husband”.

The union itself continued that the next meetings will reveal the various subtle details of the process, pointing to the preservation of all the achievements of the current Basic Law, and the arrival of a new and unique point related to the stimulus grant, which is the ” month 13″, which was agreed upon.

In the details of this scholarship, Al-Idrisi said that it is linked to profitability, explaining that “an evaluation of the level of the students in the classroom will be done from the beginning of the year, and at the end of it, their knowledge will be tested. by the inspector and the director of the institution. By reviewing the progress, the professor will benefit from a stimulus scholarship”, emphasizing that the follow-up will be regional and central as well.

The same spokesperson, in statements to Hespress, recorded that the discussion is still on the table regarding the number of beneficiaries, since the ministry proposes that some 30,000 teachers be benefited, but the unions cling to 45,000 beneficiaries, noting that the rest of the Meetings are enough to determine the number.

It is expected that the Basic Law for the employees of the Ministry of National Education will come out before the next Finance Law, to study its various financial implications at the level of the Presidency of the Government and the rest of the intervening sectors.

Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch is awaiting the financial implications of the new statute for employees of the Ministry of National Education at the end of this month, after the central social dialogue set a date for the government to consider financial details and the reaching. of the financial capacity of 2023 to support them.