Taxi professionals ask for discussion sessions

The national coordination of the representative union bodies of the taxi sector did not accept the decisions issued by the Ministry of the Interior, especially the latest circular 750, which it considered “controversial”.

The same union coordination, in a seminar held on Wednesday at the headquarters of the Democratic Federation of Labor in Casablanca, threatened to hold protests and marches against the Interior Ministry patrol if it does not withdraw.

During this symposium, union leaders highlighted the need for the ministry to withdraw from the newspaper, sit down at the table for dialogue and discussion with professionals and agree on a formula that satisfies all parties.

Mustafa Al-Kihel, a member of the National Coordination of Union Organizations that represents the taxi sector, said that “Patrol No. 750 has caused great discontent and grumbling among professionals, and has provoked protests in the sector, given that it is badly ”.

In this symposium, Al-Kahil explained that “the ministry, through its introduction to the relevant newspaper, as well as to the rest of the newspapers, talks about its consultation with professionals, which is wrong”, highlighting that “we were not consulted and sat down with us before these newspapers were written,” adding: “We have written to the government and the ministry to stop these patrols until consultations and consensus decisions come out.”

The union leader stressed that “instead of responding to the messages and interacting positively with them, the authorities met in the state of the Casablanca-Settat region to unload the newspapers, which is a challenge for professionals.”

Representatives of unions affiliated with the national coordination banner of representative union bodies of the taxi sector considered that the patrols, and the precautionary measures that they included, “did not invoke social peace at a time when the sector has not yet emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic. Covid-19 and its social and economic repercussions”.

A few days ago, the National Coordination of Representative Trade Organizations of the Taxi Sector denounced the miserable situation experienced by professionals in the sector, and the recent decisions issued by the ministry.

The same coordination considered that ministerial notes 444 and 750 were unilateral and erroneous, and contributed to the displacement of professionals and their families.