Gendarmerie investigates death by electric shock

Gendarmerie investigates death by electric shock
Photo: WAM

Thursday, September 22, 2022 – 03:13

On Wednesday, the competent Public Ministry ordered that the body of a sexagenarian be subjected to a medical autopsy, in order to determine the true cause of death, for the benefit of periodic investigations in such cases, after the family of the deceased reported that he had been subjected to an electric shock at his residence in the forged land commune near Settat.

Hespress sources indicated that the dead man, born in 1960 in a fake marriage, married and father of four children, worked while he was dedicated to the agricultural field and lived in the Al-Franian de Boulaouane roundabout with a group and a fraudulent address. department and employment of Settat.

Immediately after being notified of the accident, a squad from the Royal Gendarmerie in the center of the Ouled Said Sariyet Settat dirt, and a representative of the local authority with a false leadership, moved to the place where the corpse was examined, before direct it through a car that transported the dead to the Sett hospital to submit them to a medical autopsy, according to the instructions of the competent Public Ministry.

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