An American general praises the capabilities of the Royal Armed Forces in the face of natural disasters

Devision General Michael Turley, Commander of the Utah National Guard, praised the capabilities of members of the Royal Armed Forces to meet the challenges and dangers associated with natural disasters.

Speaking to the online newspaper Hespress on the sidelines of the “Maroc Mantelet 2022” exercise, which was organized by the Third Royal Air Base in Quneitra, the US general said that “the Royal Armed Forces have high qualifications and competencies capable of winning many bets.” .

The US military officer stressed that “the National Guard helps to transfer knowledge to members of the Royal Armed Forces, and we also benefit from their experience”, praising the military cooperation between the Kingdom and the United States of America.

The same spokesman stated that the relief and rescue rebellion unfolds every year as members of the military show off their high skills, praising the relationships that bind the Utah National Guard and the Royal Armed Forces.

Military cooperation between the United States and Morocco was reinforced by the organization of the “Morocco Mantelet 2022” exercise, which aims to support the capabilities of members of the Royal Armed Forces to manage natural disasters.

The “Morocco Mantlet 2022” exercise is carried out within the framework of the alliance between the Royal Armed Forces and the US Armed Forces, especially the National Guard in the state of “Utah”, in the Relief and Royal Armed Forces Rescue.

This exercise is designed to implement common procedures for disaster management; Through the evaluation of the participation and measurement, and the integration of the means of the Royal Armed Forces in case of industrial catastrophe.

The exercise aims to exchange knowledge and experiences with the US side in the field of training and applied training related to industrial fires, flood rescue, search for survivors under rubble, and protection against nuclear, radiological, biological, and chemical weapons.

During this practical exercise, which took place at the third air base, drills were carried out in which members of the Royal Armed Forces Relief and Rescue Unit rescued people drowned at sea or as a result of floods, and rescued victims of nuclear radiation or chemical and biological materials, in addition to conducting a Huge firefighting exercise in a chemical warehouse.

It should be noted that during the first phase of this exercise, which took place at the unit’s headquarters in Kenitra, a symposium was organized for Moroccan participants on common procedures for disaster management to test the capabilities and contributions of the various interventions of the Royal Armed Forces, in addition to conducting exercises and preparing intervention units at the level of the unit’s technical region, under the supervision of American experts.