The support of an Egyptian delegation to the Moroccan Sahara pushes Algeria to withdraw from an Arab meeting

The support of an Egyptian delegation to the Moroccan Sahara pushes Algeria to withdraw from an Arab meeting
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Wednesday, September 21, 2022 – 2:00 PM

In a curious and strange situation, the Algerian Lawyers’ Union withdrew from an Arab meeting that was taking place in Lebanon, due to the statement of the representative of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the newly elected Egyptian captain as president of the Lawyers’ Union Arab Lawyers, who highlighted the Moroccan Sahara in his speech.

This occurs after the “Algeria regime” directed previous official correspondence to government sectors and representatives of professional associations with the need to withdraw from any meeting in which it presents the entire map of Morocco, including the southern provinces of the Kingdom of Morocco. ; This hinders the prospects for cooperation, including technical and technical cooperation, between Arab countries.

The announcement by the President of the National Union of Lawyers’ Organizations of Algeria and his accompanying delegation, participating in the work of the permanent office of the Union of Arab Lawyers, held on Tuesday, September 20, at the House of Lawyers at the headquarters of the Bar Association in Tripoli, Lebanon, about their “immediate withdrawal” from the conference proceedings, in a statement signed by Ibrahim Tairi, president of the Algerian Bar Association.

The course of the incident is due to the recently elected President of the Egyptian Trade Union, being from the host country, who gave a speech to the attendees that included a talk on the Moroccan Sahara. After the welcoming address of the Tripoli Bar Association, as well as the Beirut Union, and the Secretary General of the Arab Lawyers Union; This angered the Algerian lawyer delegation at the meeting.

In its statement, to which Hespress has access, the Algerian Lawyers Union considered the speech of the Egyptian president and the president of the Arab Lawyers Union as a “dangerous precedent in the history of the Arab Lawyers Union”, noting that “this The matter will be presented to the Council of the National Union of Lawyers Organizations at its next meeting.”

It is noteworthy that Yasser Mustafa Kamal Othman, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Rabat, confirmed, in a previous interview with Hespress, that his country firmly supports the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco and that Cairo does not recognize the so-called “Saharawi Republic” and does not establish any relationship with it.

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