The parliamentary majority calls for sanctioning those responsible for hindering investment projects

After the royal directives to the government to promote investment and overcome the obstacles it faces, the majority teams in the House of Representatives called to “fight and hit with an iron fist the officials who obstruct investment” in the Kingdom.

This happened at a study day organized by the majority groups in the first chamber of Parliament, on Tuesday, on the framework bill No. 03.22 as the investment letter. In the way of investors.

Mohamed Ghiath, head of the National Grouping of Independents party in the House of Representatives, said that “the administrative structure and mentalities of some officials and elected officials still prevent investment in Morocco, and the king was clear in his speech, asking” overcoming political and electoral calculations” when dealing with the issue of investment.

Ghayath considered that the government “had the courage and bravery to pass the investment law after nineteen years of waiting, and the State is determined to overcome the obstacles that make the investment results in our country not compatible with its strategic location and political stability”. .”

The same speaker pointed out that the collective ambition behind the activation of the investment framework law aims to move private investment from the third that it currently represents of total investments, to two thirds on the horizon of 2035, and to achieve spatial justice while directing investment to the poorest and most fragile areas, and directing investment efforts to sectors with priority and future professions, and raising the level of good governance and legal certainty so that the investor is calm, activating the legal arsenal.

The heads of the majority groups in the House of Representatives unanimously agreed on the low return on investment in Morocco compared to other countries Ahmed Al-Tawizi, head of the team of the Authenticity and Modernity Party in the House of Representatives, said that “the same volume of investment in Morocco gives a higher growth rate and more jobs in other countries”, and adds: “Since 1995 we had an investment law, but it did not give the desired results”.

He continued: “The law alone is not enough, but it is necessary to trace its activation and confront the investment obstructionists of officials who create problems for investors and put obstacles in their way”, and described those who obstruct investment. as “the corrupt segment that must be fought because it prevents growth, and prevents attracting investment. It weakens the trust of citizens in the State.”

Noureddine Median, head of the House of Representatives’ Independent Unity and Equality Team, added her voice to those of her two majority partners, Ghayath and Al-Tawizi, saying that “laws alone are not enough, but texts of its implementation, the management reform and the beatings at the hands of anyone who manipulates the investment issues and the complexity of the procedures must be unloaded and the procrastination in the handling of investor files”.

He added that the objective of the majority teams in the House of Representatives, when opening a discussion on the investment charter bill, is to “open up to various parties and exchange points of view to find answers to questions related to obstacles to investment. , and present recommendations and suggestions that will be worked on to improve the legal text so that it is in line with the real will “. And the will of the government and investors, and capable of attracting domestic and foreign investment.”

Madian considered that the previous laws related to investment “are not defective, but there is a problem in investment, since other countries were able to attract important investments despite their unstable conditions, while Morocco was the first to attract these investments.”