The number of students in “private universities” decreases… and the ministry bets on the three languages

The Moroccan university is expected to open up to more English this academic year, creating 10 new licenses and 7 master’s degrees, as well as establishing a doctorate in medicine, taught in English.

According to the plan presented by the Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, Abdellatif Mirawi, this Tuesday some 12,531 students will continue studying in English in at least one academic unit during the 2022-2023 academic year.

The ministry will work, in accordance with the offer made by the Minister of Higher Education, to establish new study routes; 5 of them deal with agriculture, food industry and fishing, 9 with digital and data sciences, 5 with renewable energy, 18 with finance and logistics, one with mining and two with tourism.

The ministry will support the creation of new itineraries more suited to the needs of the productive sectors, from the new university entrance, and will open second chance itineraries (excellence trajectories) for high school graduates plus two years.

The Ministry of Higher Education forecasts that during the current season the number of students in public universities will increase by 6.5 percent, and its decrease in private higher education institutions by 1.39 percent, and its decrease in personnel training institutions by 1.39 percent.

Regarding university accommodation, 3 new university campuses will be opened: one public and two within the framework of public-private collaboration, while the family total reached 53,653, of which 63 percent went to female students, and the Ministry reached the limits of the moment with 224,965 applications for university scholarships.

Through the university reform, the Ministry is committed to ensuring that Moroccan students master three languages ​​and feel proud of their culture and history, as well as training Morocco’s digital generation and young people capable of accessing the labor market and being open to college for life.

Under this plan, the Ministry also aims to graduate 100,000 excellent technicians, engineers and mid-level personnel in the fields of aviation and automobile manufacturing by 2025, and double the number of medical school graduates by 2026.

Minister Mirawi announced that the logic of the track equation that now governs was replaced by the logic of title equivalence, since the Supreme Committee set a new rule that is reflected in limiting the study of the file to the title in question. instead of studying the entire academic path.

Graduates of foreign universities can now participate in the Master’s and Doctorate cable access competitions by sending a letter informing them of the approval of the equivalency application, instead of waiting until the decision is published in the Official Gazette , which can take several months.