Spain increases female labor for the collection of “red fruits”

Spain increases female workers by salary "berries"
Photo: WAM

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 – 08:27

The “Europe Press” agency announced the willingness of the Spanish neighbor to receive some 14,000 Moroccan agricultural workers during the next red fruit harvesting campaign, a figure that professional cooperatives in the province of Huelba see as weak.

The agency said that according to information received from the meeting held last week with the Regional Monitoring Committee of the Agreement on Regulation, Coordination and Social and Labor Integration of Migratory Flows in the Agricultural Campaign, the Ministry of Integration, Social Security and Migration will request 3,000 new workers to Morocco, in addition to 11,000 seasonal workers who will return to Spain.

Cooperativas Agroalimentarias Wilba described the figure as “insufficient” and said that the number of workers proposed by the General Directorate of Migration through the Collective Employment Management Program was weak, citing that “the number of workers is much lower than the number of construction site”. needs of the strawberries and red fruits of the province”.

The same cooperatives indicated that “the number of contracts has decreased, in contrast to the strategy of growing the crop, which is known to increase significantly,” highlighting that “before the outbreak of the health crisis, more than 16,500 seasonal workers were allowed to be employed. from Morocco.

Thousands of Moroccan women have arrived in Spain during the forest fruit harvesting season, since the circular migration program between the two countries was launched in 2007 with five thousand workers. Over the years, their number began to increase significantly and last year it reached about 13,000 workers.

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