Infrastructure creates discontent in the city of Oujda

Infrastructure creates discontent in the city of Oujda
Photos: Hespress

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 – 10:13

The dilapidated infrastructure of a large part of the city of Oujda continues to provoke resentment among residents and road users, at a time when voices are calling for urgent intervention to rehabilitate it in a manner worthy of the Millennium City, highlighting that “ The last reform of the city’s roads was many years ago, which was followed by several councils”, except for what they described as “a temporary patch”.

In recent days, images have been posted on various pages of the social networking site “Facebook” showing a wide variety of potholes and cracks in a group of main streets and alleys in several neighborhoods known for continuous movement; This drew condemnation from activists on the same site, who called on the group’s governing council to reveal its programs to restore the city’s infrastructure.

The circulators of the photo attached comments referring to the damaged streets and neighborhoods to warn of their dangerousness, “No street or neighborhood is free of potholes of various sizes, cracks in holes and asphalt in poor condition that threaten the lives of the users of the university road and surrounding neighborhoods, and the photos are the best evidence,” said one of the photo editors, later adding: “The road has become dangerous and inappropriate for its users, and the daily suffering of car drivers and buses”, asking for “the intervention of relevant interests”.

In the same context, Mohamed Azzawi, head of the Oujda Community Council, said that the council intends to launch workshops, which he described as “urgent” in the next two months, including the rehabilitation of infrastructure and public lighting, with an endowment financial. about 3 million dirhams.

Azzawi added, in a statement to Hespress, that he is currently coordinating with a group of partners and actors at the local, regional and national levels to speed up the work on these workshops “in a manner consistent with the residents of the city of Oujda”, what did you say. .

In the same context, he indicated that during this week work is being done on the restoration of the city’s road signs horizontally and vertically in a group of affected points, stressing at the same time that the agenda for the next session in November will include a set of of points related to the city’s infrastructure problems to discuss ways to address them with council members.

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