FIFA pays attention to the effort of 5 Moroccans in the World Cup

The official website of the International Football Federation “FIFA” revealed that five players from the Moroccan national team are capable of making a difference facing the top of Group F during the next World Cup in Qatar.

FIFA dedicated an entire article to the Moroccan national team, listing the advantages of five players, hoping that they will make a difference in the next World Cup, given their experience and skill in the European teams they play for.

FIFA first highlighted Yassine Bounou, Sevilla’s Spanish goalkeeper, whom he described as a “watertight dam” and the best goalkeeper in Spain, underlining that the Moroccan international will be forced to have a greater role in the next World Cup with a view to the stars. from Belgium, Croatia and Canada.

The official website of the International Football Association praised the defender of the “lions”, Brigadier Roman Sais, a player for Turkish Besiktas, saying: “He cannot be dispensed with in the formation of the Moroccan team due to the magnitude of the impact it generates. whether it be mastering his cutting and deflecting functions and winning doubles or supporting others’ functions, as he always does when the left-back helps his team, plus his ability to brilliantly score headers”.

Achraf Hakimi, the French player for Paris Saint-Germain, appears in turn among the list of dependents in Morocco, according to “FIFA”, where the International Federation confirmed that despite Hakimi’s young age and his beginnings when he had no more At 17 years old, he has a differentiated talent and has begun to mature offensively. He pointed out that Hakimi expects a great defensive job against stars like Eden Hazard, Luka Modric and Alfonso Davis at the World Cup in Qatar.

In midfield, the official website of the International Football Association chose Sofiane Amrabat, a player for Italy’s Fiorentina, saying that despite many injuries in her early days, Amrabat has recently become an indispensable piece in the midfield of the team, highlighting that the player suffers in winning the doubles, but clearly compensates for it with his ability to stop attacks by cutting balls and closing corner passes, in addition to always providing the offensive complement through his long passes that break lines and his long shots they pose a clear danger to all opponents.

The influence of Sofiane Boufal, the French player for Angers, is very clear in the performance of the national team, the same website states that no international match passes without Boufal leaving a mark on the team, and in the last African Cup he was the most outstanding element of the “Lions of the Atlas” by scoring three goals, before the Elimination of the Egyptian team in the quarterfinals.

FIFA added that Boufal has a great dribbling, scoring and strike game, which made him one of the best full-backs in the French League at the start of this season.

It should be noted that the 2022 World Cup draw placed Morocco in Group F, which includes Croatia, Belgium and Canada.