The death sentence for the Moroccan student Saadoun is awaiting the cassation decision

Reading the articles of some newspapers on Wednesday, we begin with “Al-Alam”, which revealed a novelty in the case of the Moroccan student Ibrahim Saadoun, who is detained by the separatist authorities of Donetsk in Ukraine, as it was reported that the Supreme Court accepted the appointment of the father of the Moroccan student, Ibrahim Saadoun, as his son’s defender.

Donetsk Justice Minister Yuri Serovatko announced that a veto against the death penalty against three foreigners in the unilaterally declared “Donetsk People’s Republic” in Ukraine is currently being considered.

The same newspaper reported that some Moroccan citizens, including famous personalities, who had previously visited France, received summonses via email from the French gendarmerie, asking them to come to its headquarters to answer the charges against them, including sexual charges. manufactured.

El Khabar added that Moroccan citizens, victims of this covert fraud campaign, are wondering what is the purpose of this systematic attack which, according to legal experts, is considered a form of cross-border terrorism.

According to Al-Alam, these accusations and summonses are not what raise suspicion and questioning, but the silence towards this organized campaign, stating that many justify this silence with a deliberate complicity that has purposes and ends that only the beneficiaries of these accusations and rumors know about.

Al-Alam also wrote that Moroccan fertilizer prices are expected to rise from $200 per tonne today to $270 by the end of this year, due to fears and global storage restrictions. The US international rating agency, Fitch Ratings, attributed its expectations of an increase in Moroccan fertilizer prices to the continuation of supply restrictions and the expected recovery in demand.

And to “Al-Massa”, which published that the high costs of surgical operations reached Parliament, where Hassan Omarbit, Parliamentary Representative of the Progress and Socialism Team in the House of Representatives, asked the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ait Taleb, about the scandalously high costs of treatments, surgeries and accommodation in private clinics.

The parliamentarian highlighted that it is known that medical, biological, surgical and lodging expenses, within a significant number of private clinics, have skyrocketed and vary in value, since it is known that they are random in their estimation, which constitutes a true burden. for many patients.

The same newspaper wrote that the regional office of the National Union of Education (KADASH) in Agadir revealed what it called “disastrous school entrance scandals”, along with the “miserable educational reality in the Agadir Idautnan regional directorate”, expressing its protest against the weakness and decline of all indicators in the regional leadership.

“Al-Massa” also published that the Fez administration had rejected the request for the dismissal of the head of the Awlad Azbair group in Taza, which had previously been brought against him by some 12 advisers because he was recently sentenced to two years in prison. sentence, as ruled by the court in its sentence no. after the royal commissioner expressed his opinion on the matter.

As for the “Moroccan events,” Ford claimed that the Democratic Organization for Multimodal Transport and Logistics urged the government to allocate a financial allocation in the 2023 Finance Bill to allocate a partial fuel indexing system for Moroccans. road transport professionals, while organizing a national debate to reform the sector.

The same newspaper reported on the postponement of the election of a new president and position for the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of the Casablanca-Settat region, due to lack of quorum, and that a second session will be held next Thursday.

According to the same newspaper, the session for the election of the president, which was called by the worker of the Casablanca prefectures, took place in compliance with the decision of the Court of Cassation that confirmed the sentence issued by the Rabat Administrative Court of Appeal, which decided to cancel the election process for the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services, which took place on August 16, 2021.

And to the “Declaration of the day”, which referred to the launch of Franco-Moroccan meetings on the ongoing development activities in the southern provinces and the many possibilities that abound in the region.

The Rabat Al-Fath Association, which organizes this event, in collaboration with the France-Morocco Foundation for Peace and Sustainable Development in the southern provinces of Morocco (Moroccan Sahara) and Bordeaux, and its suburb “Akgond-Jegound”, He stated that the fourth session of these meetings will deal with sustainable human development programs in the economic, scientific, cultural, tourist and urban fields.