House demolition work near “Todgha Dam”

Demolition works affecting nearby homes "Todgha Dam"
Photos: Hespress

Tuesday 20 September 2022 – 01:17

On Monday, the local authorities of the Ait Hani leadership in Tinghir province began to implement five rulings issued by the Agadir city administrative court, requiring the emptying and demolition of five buildings to be included in the dam pump Todgha in Mattosht. roundabout.

Hespress sources revealed that the local authorities implemented these five provisions in the presence of the public forces against the people who rejected the caring administrative procedure to transfer possession of their land and the houses built on it to the Todgha Dam Development Department, despite your financial compensation. in accordance with current laws.

The same sources indicated that this process is part of the acceleration of the works of the aforementioned dam, which has a capacity of 32 million cubic meters, which is an important facility to sustain the region’s waterbed and create an ecosystem diverse that benefit the agricultural and tourist fields.

Sources from the local population (Dowar Mattosht) confirmed that dozens of concerned residents had embarked in recent months on the automatic demolition of their buildings after receiving financial compensation in the framework of an administrative procedure that was monitored by the regional interests of Tinghir. of employment and the central interests of the Ministry of Equipment and Water. They were also involved in a new residential retail project in the Matatusht area which has all the basic facilities including a fully built mosque and secondary school.

The local authorities announced that this dam is one of the projects that respected the deadlines for the execution of the works in terms of construction, preparation and subsequent filling of water, and added that all the provisions issued will be implemented in full compliance with the laws. in strength, which will pave the way for another no less important structured water project, is the regional interregional canal that will feed eight local communities in the future, including the commune of Sidi Ali in the province of Errachidia.

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