Business climate attractiveness index improves in Marrakech

Business climate attractiveness index improves in Marrakech
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Tuesday 20 September 2022 – 05:22

The Community of Marrakech was able to achieve first place in a ranking that concerns the main territorial communities regarding the improvement of performance indicators related to the construction sector (deadline, attractiveness, business climate, digitization and encumbrances).

This classification, which was carried out by a study office supervised by the Ministry of the Interior, came with the Community of Marrakech, headed by Fátima Zahra Al-Mansouri, obtaining the highest score (368), unlike last year, which was in the last ranks.

Tariq Hanish, Vice President of the Communal Council of Marrakech, explained that “this rank is due to the nature of the precise and strict methodology used by the President of the Communal Council of Marrakech to overcome the various aspects of bureaucracy, administrative slowness, complexity of procedures and long waiting periods.

The deputy in charge of the management of the urban reconstruction and development sector added, in statements to Hespress, that “the achievement of this result is mainly due to a set of measures and procedures aimed at guaranteeing the correct implementation of the different directives of the presidency of the City Council, the most important of which is the restructuring and management of the Department of Reconstruction and Urban Development and its provision of technical and administrative human resources, among them “.

Hanish listed the components of the work plan of the Red City Collective Council, saying, “Among these arrangements is strengthening the Department of Urban Reconstruction and Development with the necessary information and logistics equipment, and ensuring speed and efficiency in carrying out and implementation, in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements of Law No. 19-55 related to the simplification of procedures and administrative procedures.” .

The same collective official underlined “the need to preserve, strengthen and enhance this gain through the mobilization of the various stakeholders, in an effort to improve performance indicators in various services related to the construction sector, making Marrakech in a destination for investment in various fields”.

Notably, the city of Rabat ranked second with 327 and the economic capital, Casablanca, third with 270; The Bride of the North was fourth with 262, while Salé was fifth with 249 and Fez was sixth with 161.

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