Youth groups in the community feel alienated

The results of a recent study carried out by the French International Institute of Marketing Opinion revealed that more than 82% of young Moroccans residing in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands feel foreigners in their countries of residence.

According to this study, carried out in collaboration with the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad, among 1,433 young people between the ages of 18 and 35, the majority of whom reside in the Netherlands (84%), France (80%), Belgium (79 %) and Spain (70%), Germany (67%) and Italy (60%), 82% are considered foreigners, either in their country of residence or in Morocco.

The study highlights that this perception is felt more among young Moroccans residing in Italy (92%), Germany (91%), Spain and the Netherlands (82%).

In Spain, 80% of Moroccans residing abroad have Moroccan nationality, and have completed their primary or secondary studies in Morocco, while 40% have Spanish nationality.

The study indicates that 86% in France have the nationality of this country, because they completed most (50%) of their higher education. In Italy, only 29% of Moroccans living abroad surveyed had Italian citizenship, compared to 82% in Germany, 88% in Belgium and 99% in the Netherlands.

In terms of the local language spoken, adds the study, carried out in collaboration with the Community Council, Moroccans living abroad from Italy are at the bottom of this category, with 57%, far behind the MRE from France (94%) and Germany (97%), Spain (81%), Belgium (97%) and the Netherlands (99%).

In all these countries, more than 90% of Moroccans living abroad are quickly surveyed during Ramadan, with the exception of Italy, where only 69% do so.

In contrast, 68% of those interested go to mosques in France compared to 80% in Germany, 72% in Italy, 82% in Spain, 73% in Belgium and 100% in the Netherlands.

The survey also indicates that the interest of Moroccans residing abroad in participating in the elections of their country of residence is 36% in Italy, 51% in Spain and 67% in France.

They face difficulties related to working conditions: 62% in Italy, 23% in France, 31% in Germany, 50% in Spain, 30% in Belgium and 37% in the Netherlands; They complain about the level of salaries: 12% in Belgium, 57% in Italy and 35% in Spain.