Poano asks for a survey on the situation of internists

Poano asks for a survey on the situation of internists
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Monday 19 September 2022 – 10:17

Abdullah Buano, head of the Parliamentary Group of the Justice and Development Party, sent a letter to the head of the Social Sectors Commission, demanding the organization of a temporary reconnaissance mission to determine the functioning of university hospital institutions, and the situation of doctors internal. and residents.

The correspondence followed a recent suicide by a doctor, and read: “The unfortunate incident of suicide triggered a wide-ranging discussion about the conditions of doctors, especially residents and interns in university hospital centers, as they go through their training periods. and applied training that they sometimes undergo in difficult circumstances, as a consequence of the psychological pressure, extortion and exploitation exerted by some direct superiors, as well as a set of behaviors prevailing in some of these institutions, which negatively affect their reputation and the quality of the services provided in them.

In his correspondence, Boano said: “The recent suicide incident of an internist doctor refers to the discussion about the legal system of medical training, which has been avoided, in terms of determining the relationship of rights and duties of each party between interns and supervisors, especially during the training and training periods in hospital institutions, which generates many questions, challenges faced by new students and doctors in training, since they are the weakest link, which exposes them to all forms of extortion , contempt and harassment by some presidents.

He also highlighted to the reporter that “university hospital institutions play a fundamental role in the national health system, whether in treatments, medical and paramedical training, or continuous training and scientific research, despite material limitations,” noting that ” a set of prevailing behaviors in some of its affiliated interests negatively affect.” On its reputation, and on the quality of the services provided, whether at the level of training for medical students, nursing students, interns and residents, or at the level of medicine in general.”

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