A judicial delegation reviews the experiences of Moroccan courts at an international conference in Israel

In a visit that is the first of its kind, a delegation of Moroccan judges landed in Tel Aviv to participate in the International Conference of Judges and review the Moroccan experience in the field of justice.

The conference began on Monday and continues until next Friday. The conference will discuss various topics of interest to the judiciary, starting with independence, digitization and the status of professionals, in the presence of delegations representing 64 countries.

Morocco is represented by a delegation of 5 members, one of whom is specialized in the Hebrew Code of Personal Status at the Court of Casablanca, and is expected to participate in the meetings of various committees dealing with judicial issues.

The person in charge of the friendship of Hassaniya judges, Abdel Haq Al Abbasi, affirmed that this participation takes place within the framework of the International Conference of Judges, explaining that this session is being held in Israel and the hospitality is provided by the International Federation, in the presence of 64 other countries.

Abbasi added, speaking to Hespress, that the Moroccan delegation discussed very important issues, informed everyone about the details of the independence of the judiciary in the country, and reviewed the experience of the 2011 constitution, as well as other issues.

The head of the friendship of judges Al-Hassania recorded that the conference also discussed the problem of judicial independence in the world and the problems experienced by judges in Egypt, Tunisia, Benin and other countries, noting that the Moroccan delegation participated in many committees.

At the head of the committees in which the Moroccan judges participated, according to the same statement, is the Ethics Committee, the Independence of the Judiciary and the Digital Judiciary, noting that it participates in the conference as an observer, and that the Judge Mohamed Radwan was assigned to lead the delegation, which also includes a Moroccan judge in charge of the Hebrew judiciary in Casablanca.

“The participants in the conference remember the version of the conference held in Marrakech and insist on the need to repeat the experience due to the important tourist potential of Morocco,” the statement stressed.

In addition to the official meetings, the Moroccan delegation held meetings with the delegations of Mali, Senegal, France, the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates, and discussed various judicial experiences with them.